New Year! New YOU! Power Box

Our Introduction Letter

Broken Arrow Freshman Academy Families:

574 Foundation would like to wish all of our families a blessed and Happy New Year!

In our youth, time seems to move a little slower. Yet, as one gets older, it feels like time passes so quickly. Still, we are all given the same amount of time each day. Whatever season of life you are currently in, we want to remind you to cherish these fleeting moments with one another.

We are happy to introduce our New Year, New You Power Box. The Power Box focuses on dietary behaviors and physical activity. While the statistics are specific to ninth grade students, we challenge all of our families to implement positive changes in the new year. We included several resources to help start the conversation and create a few goals for the year.

As we are all shaping ourselves into being better, our cultural activity will drive home the importance of how small changes can make a big difference. Students will be handbuilding a small pot utilizing the pinch technique. We would love for families to share their creations with us on Facebook.

As a reminder, American Indian/Alaska Native students requiring mental health services can contact Rich Pawpa, Indian Education Coordinator, at 918-259-5773 for a referral to Indian Health Services. If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988.

Thank You!

Bobby Cook, 574 Foundation President


1. Family Goal card

Unlike previous months, we have included a single Family Goal card to encourage the entire family to focus on improving the dietary behaviors and physical activity outlined in the infographic. We believe all of our families can be healthier and happier in the new year!

As a way to support our families, we have encouraged them to read the benefits and choose the dietary behaviors and activity to improve.

We are challenging our families to participate in a fun cultural activity and lesson, incorporating healthy breakfasts, and consume more water each day.

2. Happy New Year! Happy New You! Infographic

Our infographic for the new year focuses on dietary behaviors and physical activity. The six (6) statistics presented are specific to Oklahoma ninth-grade students. We believe creating an awareness of common dietary behaviors and lack of physical activity will allow our families to better understand the benefits of making positive changes.


3. Happy New Year! Happy New You! Goals

Families, please review the statistics on the dietary behaviors and physical activities for students. We are challenging students and their families to understand the importance of improving dietary behaviors and increasing physical activity. We have provided a few benefits of each to review before selecting the behaviors and activities to improve in the new year. We believe implementing these positive behaviors as a family instills healthy habits. Also, this activity is an extension of our Pinch Pot Activity, which includes a short lesson on shaping yourself in the new year.


4. Pinch Pot Activity

Our New Year! New You! Power Box contains a cultural activity that is most appropriate for this box! We included a package of Crayola® Model Magic, handbuilding information and instructions to create your own pinch pot. Our activity card for the New Year! New You! Goals is an extension to this activity whereby we discuss how your life is like clay!


5. Breakfast Recipes

With 70% of ninth-graders not regularly eating breakfast, how do you encourage a new generation of breakfast eaters? And how do you get these same students to reach for a healthier option? We look to whole grain oats and wheat. Yes, the same whole grain oats and wheat your grandparents consumed! Our breakfast ideas pair the classic ingredients of oatmeal, Cheerios™, and toast with some of your favorite, healthier toppings. We even included a package of oatmeal in each box.  Added bonus: Trifold our recipe card and place in the kitchen for some ideas at a glance!

6. Swag

With 3 out of 4 ninth-grade students consuming soda, a water bottle was provided in each box to encourage students to drink more water on a daily basis.