Flip-the-Script Power Box

Our Introduction Letter

Broken Arrow Freshman Academy Families:

As the new school year has kicked off, we hope everyone is adjusting to a new school and schedule. For parents and caregivers, continue to provide strong support to your student throughout the year. With an increase in students reporting poor mental health, it is vital you build a strong bond and connect with your teen to promote and protect their mental health. We want students to understand the importance of mental health and asking for help. We hope the Back-to-School Power Box supported your family in launching this endeavor.

This month, 574 Foundation is shining the spotlight on bullying. According to the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), approximately 1 in 5 students were bullied on school property. With that statistic in mind, we are introducing the “Flip The Script” Power Box where we are encouraging students to reverse a negative situation by doing something positively unexpected.

The contents in The Power Box will shine the light on bullying, focus on identifying bullying situations and how to take action against bullying. The Power Box will connect your family over a game of Mad Libs® and a popular movie snack too!

Thank you to everyone who actively participated in our free Back-to-School Power Box. Congratulations to our $50 NATV gift certificate winner! If you are interested in a chance to win a movie package, visit us on Facebook. We look forward to your participation in this month’s activities.

Thank You!

Bobby Cook
574 Foundation President


1. Find the Parent/Student Goal card

For Parents: Review the Film Strip Infographic on bullying. Schedule time with your student to review the Flip the Script Flashcards. Gather your family for popcorn and play a game of Mad Lib® Cinema. Lend a hand (or wrist!) to help your student to create a leather bracelet. Flip the script on Mealtime: Plan a movie night and surprise your family with a fun unexpected meal.

For Students: Review the Film Strip Infographic on bullying. Review the Flip the Script flashcards with your parent. Participate in a game of Mad Lib® Cinema with your family. If you aren’t laughing, flip the script by choosing a different set of words or write your own! Create a leather bracelet to remind you of your own strength and to stand strong against bullying.

2. The Real Reel Infographic

The Real Reel infographic drills down on bullying. The statistics that are presented shows how real it gets. Our goal is to spur a downward trend in bullying. A great place to start is to realize how real it is and not be afraid to ask your child how safe it feels in that child’s surroundings. With social media, bullying is more prevalent than ever. Talk to your kids and be aware of those challenges that are endured.


3. Bracelet Activity Kit

This activity gives students the opportunity to create a basic leather project. The kit includes 24” leather latigo lace and 24” rounded leather cord. The only tools required are scissors and ruler, but some patience may come in handy. The leather latigo lace bracelet is made with one of the most versatile materials and is both durable and flexible. This cultural project encourages students to create a leather bracelet to remind them of their own strength and to stand strong against bullying. Parents should participate in the activity by lending a hand (or in this case, a wrist!) to help their student complete the bracelet. For instructions and video tutorial, visit our Bracelet Kit page.

4. Meal Time

We are a huge proponent of healthy living, but sometimes a fun, unexpected meal is just what the family needs!

Your family will want to gather around the table for these tasty recipes. You will definitely flip the script on dinnertime with these ideas!

5. Mad Lib ® Cinema

We’ve covered a lot of heavy and stressful issues so why not lighten the mood.

Mad Lib® Cinema is a spin on the original Mad Libs®. The cinema scripts are two person short stories where each person asks the other person for a list of words to fill in the blanks in the script. It is best to ignore the script itself, which makes the story that much more funny in the end. Once the scripts are complete, each person takes turns reading their part of the script with the words chosen by the other person. 

If you aren’t laughing, flip the script by choosing a new set of words!

For more Mad Lib® fun, try writing your own, check out Mad Libs® online, or grab a book/magazine and substitute words for a hilarious read.

6. Flash Cards

The Flip the Script Flashcards are shining the light on what bullying is and what it is not, focusing on identifying bullying situations and how to take action against bullying. The pack includes 16 double-sided cards.

Parents are strongly encouraged to review the cards with their students, which contains questions and answers. We have also provided 8 additional questions to ask your student to further expand your discussion. The Flip the Script cards contain information from stopbullying.gov. It is encouraged that you and your family access the site for more detailed information and extensive resources on bullying.