Life Lessons Power Box

Our Introduction Letter


Many students and their families committed last month to making positive changes in their dietary behaviors and physical activity in the new year. If your family hasn’t quite committed, it isn’t too late. Each day gives you the opportunity to start anew. We are already starting to see glimpses of spring, so take advantage of those days to get outside. We encourage everyone to continue the momentum toward a happier and healthier new you!

Many of our Power Boxes emphasize the importance of caring for one’s own self, whether it relates to mental health, refraining from alcohol and drug use, consuming healthier foods, or increasing physical activity. Our February Power Box pivots to nurturing something other than yourself. Although, we think a tomato can teach us all something about our own life.

Students (with the help of their families) will be tasked with the responsibility of planting tomato seeds and creating an environment for successful germination and continued growth. We have included a seed starter tray, seed starting potting mix, tomato seeds and instructions. Students and their families committing to this activity will enjoy the fruits of their labor come summer.

Planting tomato seeds isn’t the only planting students will be doing during the month of February. We are challenging each student to plant seeds of kindness by distributing “Kindness Cards” throughout their school. Our AI/AN students have an unique opportunity to make a positive impact on others. In fact, one student can make a difference in the lives of 8 others. If every AI/AN student participates, we have the potential to reach 1,200 students, faculty and staff. There is even a far greater reach when recipients of these cards choose to re-distribute.

We hope our families enjoy the activities for the month, especially showing kindness to others. The simple act can boost self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall mood.

For AI/AN students who are struggling with their own mental health, please contact Rich Pawpa, Indian Education Coordinator, at 918-259-5773 for a referral to Indian Health Services. If you or someone you know needs support now, call or text 988.

Thank You!

Bobby Cook, 574 Foundation President


1. Tomato Facts Infographic

The Tomato Facts Infographic highlights some interesting facts about tomatoes, benefits of consuming tomatoes and statistic of Oklahoma High School students eating fruit and drinking fruit juices.




2. Planting Activity

This month our activity takes center stage! Our students will be responsible for planting tomato seeds and nurturing their plants with the expectation each student will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

There are many health benefits of gardening, including reducing stress and providing Vitamin D from time spent outside. For our AI/AN students, gardening becomes a lesson in self-sufficiency and appreciation for the provisions of our earth.



3. Gardening Kit

Each student will receive a seed starter tray with six cells, seed starting potting mix and 12 Better Boy tomato seeds.

For those students who’s seeds germinate and produce seedlings, they may need fertilizer, potting soil and containers, if not transplanting into a garden.


4. Life Lessons from Gardening

Parents and students can discuss the four (4) Life Lessons from Gardening: Plant, Prune, Provide and Patience.

The Life Lessons allow students to reflect and determine how each lesson can be applied to their own life.



5. Tomato Recipes

And the recipe goes to…tomatoes! It only makes sense to highlight this delicious fruit…or should we say “vegetable”.

For those that enjoy fresh chilled tomatoes, the simple Caprese Salad makes the perfect summer side dish. And for others, the warm baked tomatoes with melted cheese will pair nicely alongside your favorite meal.


6. Kindness Cards

Our students won’t be planting just tomato seeds, they will be planting seeds of kindness too! Each student will receive 8 Kindness Cards to randomly distribute to other students, faculty and staff.

We have even encouraged the receiver to pay it forward by doing something kind and leaving the card behind.