Sacred not Commercial

American Indian and Alaska Native’s use commercial tobacco more than any other demographic. Educating teens on the dangers of commercial tobacco is a must!

Targeting AI/AN Teens

Working with Native American Student Association (NASA), we can communicate the dangers of commercial tobacco to AI/AN students.

AI/AN students can be reached early and often with strategic messaging!

Niche messaging can be created and routinely delivered through public school’s NASA program. 574 Foundation works directly with NASA’s sponsors to provide strategic campaigns for AI/AN students and their family. Campaigns can follow AI/AN students through school to continuously educate on the dangers of commercial tobacco and how sacred tobacco is much different.

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What We Are Doing

Keep Tobacco Sacred Campaign
We target AI/AN students through the NASA program through a niche campaign that reach both the students and parents/guardians. Campaigns educate students on the dangers of commercial tobacco and remind parents/guardians the importance of communicating with their kids. Campaigns include family kits that offer tips and tools to make family communication easier.